Autoimmune Enneagram Course

Autoimmune means you are attacking you, your immune system has targeted your organs, glands, and tissues. It’s time to move from a combative relationship to a collaborative partnership with your body and mind. The Enneagram is an elegant framework you can use to understand where your mental self-attacks began and how to move away from them into a curious, compassionate ground of being. 

“Ennea” means 9 in Greek and “gram” means picture. The Enneagram is a picture of nine different ways the ego speaks itself into the world to get its needs met. The ego was built in childhood to protect your fragile and innocent psyche. In adulthood, it can get in the way of your relationships to others, to food, to your body, to life, and interfere with your health.

Autoimmune Enneagram Course

The Autoimmune Enneagram is a program designed to help you accelerate your self-awareness, to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and habits, to create a healthy relationship to your body, food, other people, and to life. It’s a beautiful doorway into you and a journey of self-discovery and healing of trauma.

You will learn:

The overall structure of all 9 Enneagram types and how to grow into the best version of yourself while letting go of guilt, shame, hurt, and grief.
The in-depth exploration of the wings, subtypes, and connectors of your type.
How to achieve a high level of self-mastery. As you increase your self-mastery, you will be able to decrease the hypervigilance of the distortion of your type structure, which will lead to a more relaxed immune system. 
How to release emotional and mental pain so the release of physical pain can follow.
How to become your own coach. How to collaborate with your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Autoimmune Enneagram Course

This 4-module video, power point, and audio course will get you started on the path of reversing your autoimmune disease. The handouts are easy to use and understand, and the materials are designed to be references for you long after you are finished with the course.

Your journey to self-discovery and autoimmune
reversal will not be solo. 

 You can join the private Facebook community and learn at your own pace with support and comradery.
Dr. Keesha Ewers’ Enneagram training began with Dr. David Daniels and Dr. Helen Palmer with a two-year training, internship, and certification (2009-2011) in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. That was just the beginning. Dr. Keesha has been a voracious Enneagram explorer ever since. 
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