Transform Your Trauma
in 7 Steps Course 

9 Modules Included:

  • Module 1 -The Science of Chakras
  • Module 2 - Safety and Grounding 
  • Module 3 - Resistance to Life
  • Module 4 - Reclaiming Power
  • Module 5 - Discovering Your Identities
  • Module 6 - Entitlement and Expectations
  • Module 7 - Growth in Liminal Space
  • Module 8 - Cohering
  • Module 9 - Integration
Dr Keesha’s Healing Trauma through the Chakras was a super helpful and incredibly comprehensive program. I’ve done many of the pieces of work that she included over the years, but I have never had the opportunity to integrate them all together like this. I’ve always known that healing has to happen on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual, energetic — in order to be effective, but I’ve never had the experience of working on all levels, through all ages, and through the chakras, including various cultural systems…

It was really amazing to have a personal guide, who has lots of experience and education and tells great stories, someone who has been there. This is a great program for anyone…well, pretty much for EVERYONE! Thank you Dr Keesha! 

This is exactly what is needed in the world right now!

From Ruselle R.

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What You’ll Learn

Understand the four corners for solving the autoimmune puzzle: addressing genetics, gut health, toxic burden and trauma.

Discover why underlying trauma must be addressed to allow adrenal, hormonal and gut imbalances to heal. Learn how to track emotional trauma, and tools for reversing it.

Gain an understanding of why the emphasis on vagal nerve stimulation does not address the root cause of sympathetic arousal, and what to do instead to improve your client outcomes.

Discover how functional medicine fails clients and creates orthorexia by addressing supplements and food only.

Learn to address your client’s whole system simultaneously to achieve reversal of chronic disease.

Uncover how human perception can cripple the healing process and learn strategies to help your clients (and yourself) overcome the autoimmune mindset (or any other chronic issues).

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Regular Price
$ 1,997

Save $1,750.00 for a limited time only!

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