How to Use Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine to Prepare Your Body for the Flu Season

In this webinar, you will learn:
  •  The role of viruses…they’re not all bad.
  • Discover the root causes of viral illness…it’s not all about the virus.
  • What’s wrong with the Flu shot and why it doesn’t work.
  • ​Understand the importance of gut microbiota-immune system interactions.
  • ​Learn some basic concepts of the immune system and its cells.
  • ​Find out how the gut microbiota influences immune response.
  • ​Know how lifestyle factors impact gut microbiota-immune system interactions.
  • ​How to use Ayurveda and Functional Medicine to boost your immunity. 
  • ​Discover how to test the gut microbiota and learn ways to boost your immune system.
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