Healing Trauma to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

In this master class you will:
  • ​Discover why underlying trauma must be addressed to allow adrenal, hormonal and gut imbalances to heal.
  • Learn how to track emotional trauma, and tools for reversing it.
  • ​Gain an understanding of why the emphasis on vagal nerve stimulation does not address the root cause of sympathetic arousal, and what to do instead to improve your outcomes.
  • ​Discover how functional medicine fails clients and creates orthorexia by addressing supplements and food only.
  • ​Learn to address your whole system simultaneously to achieve reversal of chronic disease.
  • ​Understand the four corners for solving the autoimmune puzzle: addressing genetics, gut health, toxic burden and trauma.
  • ​Uncover how human perception can cripple the healing process and learn strategies to help yourself overcome the autoimmune mindset (or any other chronic issues).
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